Kaspersky Safe Kids 

Kaspersky Safe Kids monitors your children's safety on the Internet and in daily life. You decide what is safe for your children: what websites they can visit, how far away from home they can walk, and how many hours they can spend using the computer or smartphone. The application ensures that your children follow the rules you have set. Kaspersky Safe Kids is suitable for children of any age. When you specify the child's birth year in Kaspersky Safe Kids, the application automatically chooses settings appropriate for that age.

When your children surf the Internet, Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you:

  • Show your children only safe Internet search results. For example, Kaspersky Safe Kids hides pages with adult content.
  • Stop your children from visiting unsafe websites by restricting a specific category (such as gambling websites).
  • Find out what websites your children have visited.
  • Learn about your children's social network posts and the friends your children communicate with.
  • Help your children spend less time on the Internet by setting time limits on Internet use
  • Block access to all websites, if needed.

When your children spend time on the computer, tablet, or smartphone, Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you:

  • Learn how much time your children have spent on the devices.
  • Help your children spend less time on devices by setting time limits on device use.
  • Limit the use of specific applications or all applications in a specific category (such as computer games) to help your children make time for homework and other activities.
  • Block use of applications that are not age-appropriate for your children.

When you are not with your children, Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you:

  • Check your children's location on a map.
  • Set up a safe area on a map and receive notifications if your children go outside the safe area.
  • Receive alerts about the children's activity by email or notifications on your smartphone.
  • Receive and answer requests made by your children via Kaspersky Safe Kids.
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids can be installed on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

Kaspersky Secure Connection 

Is it a tool for protecting Internet connections? Kaspersky Secure Connection establishes a secure connection: it hides your real IP address and location and transfers your data via the encrypted channel. Use Kaspersky Secure Connection when you shop online or use social networks to protect your credentials and private information. The use of Secure Connection may cause false detections of the Fraud Management System. Fraud Management System (FMS) detects and blocks suspicious transactions on the websites of online payment systems and banks.

Network Attack Blocker

Network Attack Blocker component is to block network attacks including port scanning, denial-of-service attacks, buffer-overrun attacks, and other remote malicious actions taken against the programs and services working with the network. Network Attack Blocker uses signatures and blocks all connections that correspond to the descriptions of known network attacks.

Safe Money 

Safe Money protects all financial operations via online banking and payment systems (e.g. PayPal, WebMoney, etc.) and while shopping online by launching the website in a safe mode. Kaspersky Internet Security identifies the routes other programs and processes can access data transferred within Safe Money mode and restricts such kind of activities, which helps to ensure your disabling/enabling data is protected against theft.

How does Safe Money work and three core principle 3T’s?

Whenever the user enters an online banking system, bank website, or payment system personal account, Kaspersky Internet Security performs the following activities:

  • (Trusted Site) Verifies that the request is sent to the genuine site of the bank or payment system (checked against an updatable list of sites in the product).
  • (Trusted Connection) Verifies the validity of the security certificate, to avoid redirection to a fake website.
  • (Trusted Environment) Scans the operating system for vulnerabilities critical to online banking. Offers to open the website in Safe Money mode to protect your data against theft.